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Andrew Johnstone, Entrepreneur and owner of Loft Boarding Scotland

"Carolyn's coaching has been instrumental in helping me grow my business (and myself) over the past couple of years. Carolyn helps me cut through the noise in my head, and extracts clarity from me by simply asking the right questions, and by not being afraid to let me squirm when the answer isn't easy! I'm forced to figure out the solutions for myself, safe in the knowledge that Carolyn's vast professional experience would allow her to judge when the bumpers need to go up and some advice is required to get me back on track. I've very much enjoyed our sessions and look forward to many more as the business continues to grow and bring with it a whole host of new challenges."


Andrew Johnstone

Award winning entrepreneur and owner of Loft Boarding Scotland Ltd

I have been having business coaching sessions with Carolyn. When I first started the coaching, I really was not sure what it was and what would happen. I knew of other people who had attended coaching sessions and gained benefits from coaching, transforming themselves and their business. I thought I could do  with a bit of that magic!

And MAGIC it has been. Carolyn has been an amazing coach. She listened to my constant chat, gathering the key information from my conversations, enabling me to see through what has felt like a fog, not quite seeing the direction. Through her supportive and empowering conversations, she has given me the tools to move forward confidently with decisions about my business. She has great humour balanced with an empathetic, thoughtful, and supportive approach. She has taught me so much whilst gently challenging me. As many small business owners will know these have been exceptional challenging times, yet Carolyn has been someone who will walk alongside you, be reassuring so you can travel the bumpy roads with confidence.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking a coach to enable them to grow in themselves and to develop their business.


Lisa Arnott

Director at SilverHub Jewellery School and Studios

Lisa Arnott, Director of SIlverHub Jewellery School and Studios
Jane Robertson.jpg

"Carolyn’s coaching techniques motivated me to challenge myself to grow professionally. Her careful listening skills and feedback helped me to focus my vision on what truly mattered to me, while her positivity and optimism created the environment I needed to believe that I could achieve this vision. From this approach, I felt supported to move out of my comfort zone and move forward with actions that would help me realise the vision I wanted for my work. Coaching with Carolyn has had a lasting impact on my life and how I approach my work. I still reflect on the insights I gained from our sessions to apply this learning to new situations. I recommend Carolyn as a fantastic coach who has inspired me from the very first time we met."


Dr Jane Robertson

Principal Research Officer - The Scottish Government

Honorary Senior Research Fellow - University of Stirling

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